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11 pm news

Slain Coleman's family's relative says he gave donations to shelter but won't say which

2014-07-31 23:35:00
Mario DeCicco, the brother of murdered Sheri Coleman, told the Post-Dispatch he left $28,000 in cash anonymously because he didn't want to take credit for it. Read Full Story ...

10 pm news

St. Louis schools chief apologizes for incorrect school assignments, addresses retention

2014-07-31 22:15:00
Supt. Kelvin Adams says staff is still determining how many students will be held back in response to state audit. Read Full Story ...

Local district tells students to report to wrong school on first day

2014-07-31 22:12:38
Many parents in the St. Louis Public Schools District received a notice to send their child to the wrong school. Read Full Story ...

Six Flags issues apology to mother who alleges racial profiling

2014-07-31 22:01:59
Six Flags apologized to a mother for what she alleges is racial profiling of her 13-year-old son. Read Full Story ...

9 pm news

Authorities: Someone threw dog out car window along I-70

2014-07-31 21:45:04
Authorities are searching for the person who threw a dog out of a car window along I-70 Wednesday. Read Full Story ...

Rally held for grandmother who was shot to death protecting her three grandchildren

2014-07-31 21:44:52
The victim has been identified in a shooting in north St. Louis Wednesday night. Read Full Story ...

Two separate armed robberies in busy St. Louis neighborhood

2014-07-31 21:35:02
St. Louis Police are investigating two armed robberies that happened 10 minutes apart and a mile away from each other in one of St. Louis? busiest nightlife areas. Read Full Story ...

8 pm news

Swansea/Fairview Heights stays alive with a win at Legion state tournament

2014-07-31 20:27:00

Dueling host Arlington Heights in an elimination game Thursday at the American Legion State Baseball Tournament, the Swansea/Fairview Heights Giants bought themselves at least another night in the Chicago area.

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7 pm news

Belleville man says he doesn't know why he put needles in grocery store meat

2014-07-31 19:30:00
Disabled veteran on oxygen did it at least seven times at the Shop 'n Save at 4201 North Belt West, the FBI says. Read Full Story ...

6 pm news

Slain Coleman's family's relative says he gave memorial donations to shelter but won't say which

2014-07-31 18:45:00
Mario DeCicco, the brother of murdered Sheri Coleman, told the Post-Dispatch he left $28,000 in cash anonymously because he didn't want to take credit for it. Read Full Story ...

Impeachment vs Lawsuit (Steve Sack)
2014-07-31 18:34:38 CagleCartoons

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Gambling on credit coming to Missouri

2014-07-31 18:31:29
A new law will allow gamblers in Missouri to take out a no interest line of credit at a casino. The law takes effect in late August. Read Full Story ...

Surgical Strike (Tim Eagan)
2014-07-31 18:28:53 CagleCartoons

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Metro-East mom who gave son liquor sentenced

2014-07-31 18:15:25
The mother of a Metro-East teenager killed in a car crash is free on bond after being accused of giving her son beer and whiskey before the accident. Read Full Story ...

Immigrant children reach St. Louis, far from the border

2014-07-31 18:14:00
Missouri has received 121 unaccompanied children this year.  Read Full Story ...

5 pm news

Some Normandy parents drop from lawsuit against school districts

2014-07-31 17:49:00
Lawsuit no longer includes Ladue, Clayton, Brentwood and Parkway districts Read Full Story ...

GOP Sues Obama (Rick McKee)
2014-07-31 17:38:28 CagleCartoons

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Women and SCOTUS (Pat Bagley)
2014-07-31 17:35:29 CagleCartoons

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Taveras homers in Cards' 6-2 win

2014-07-31 17:15:00
In his first at-bat after the Cardinals traded Allen Craig to the Red Sox, the rookie right fielder lined a two-run shot into the right-field seats. Read Full Story ...

'American Idol' to have auditions at state fair

2014-07-31 17:15:00
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. ? There's a chance you could walk away from the Illinois State Fair this year with more than just saltwater taffy, political ephemera and a tummy ache. You could snare a reco… Read Full Story ...

Police and man involved in standoff in south St. Louis

2014-07-31 17:08:37
Police told News 4 a section of Watson is closed in south St. Louis because a man has barricaded himself inside a building. Read Full Story ...

4 pm news

Bernie: Mozeliak sets off a loud wake-up call

2014-07-31 16:59:00
With his latest move, Cardinals GM made a trade that sent reverberations through the clubhouse. And that's a good thing. Read Full Story ...

Vandeventer exit ramp to reopen on Highway 40

2014-07-31 16:51:00
The Missouri Department of Transportation will reopen the Vandeventer Avenue exit from eastbound Highway 40 sometime about noon on Friday, officials said. Read Full Story ...

Teen arrested for series of car cloutings in Lincoln County

2014-07-31 16:51:00
LINCOLN COUNTY  ?  A 16-year-old boy has been arrested following an investigation into a series of car cloutings since Saturday in subdivisions and commuter lots in eastern Lincoln County. Read Full Story ...

Worker who stole from Madison County company gets 33-month sentence

2014-07-31 16:48:00
Stacy Jo Kanallakan, of Jerseyville, took $442,211, federal prosecutors say. Read Full Story ...

Ride Sharing Road (Nate Beeler)
2014-07-31 16:37:57 CagleCartoons

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Israeli Strike (Adam Zyglis)
2014-07-31 16:36:04 CagleCartoons

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Standoff in St. Louis closes Watson Road

2014-07-31 16:34:00
Watson was closed in both directions shortly after 4 p.m. Read Full Story ...

Standoff on Watson Road ends peacefully

2014-07-31 16:34:00
Watson was closed in both directions shortly after 4 p.m. Read Full Story ...

Hamas Tunnel Threat (Yaakov Kirschen)
2014-07-31 16:33:07 CagleCartoons

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HHS awards money to Missouri mental health services

2014-07-31 16:22:00
Three health centers in Missouri will receive $749,999. Read Full Story ...

Lunch (Petar Pismestrovic)
2014-07-31 16:21:31 CagleCartoons

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Targets (Tim Campbell)
2014-07-31 16:19:14 CagleCartoons

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Edwardsville School Board under fire over controversial appointment

2014-07-31 16:16:56
Many parents are criticizing a decision by the Edwardsville School board to appoint someone who was rejected by voters in the most recent election. Read Full Story ...

County to investigate Sunset Hills mayor's role in cycling crash

2014-07-31 16:06:32
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Congress on vacation (Dave Granlund)
2014-07-31 16:04:02 CagleCartoons

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Rep. Kurt Bahr's primary opponent gets support from labor union group

2014-07-31 16:00:00
JEFFERSON CITY ? Rep. Kurt Bahr's opponent in Tuesday's primary race for the 102nd District House seat has raised nearly three times as much money with the help of a labor union group. Read Full Story ...

3 pm news

GA man sentenced to 30 years on child porn charges

2014-07-31 15:57:00

Federal prosecutors say a northwest Georgia man accused of extorting children for explicit photos has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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EPA says baseball fields near landfill are safe

2014-07-31 15:52:19
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2 arrested in Missouri man's disappearance

2014-07-31 15:51:00

Two Columbia residents have been arrested in the 2011 disappearance of a central Missouri man, in a case investigators are now calling a homicide.

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Attorney in libel suit filed by Fox critics wants more names

2014-07-31 15:45:00
He asked a judge order three Internet providers to turn over the names connected with eight IP addresses Read Full Story ...

NAACP says Baltimore convention not a done deal

2014-07-31 15:37:00

The NAACP says the site of its 2016 national convention, reported to be Baltimore, has not yet been selected.

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Jewish judge won't give up case of Arab activist

2014-07-31 15:37:00

A Detroit federal judge with a history of service to the Jewish community won't step down from a criminal case involving a Chicago Arab-American activist convicted of planting bombs at…

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Jefferson's aide named replacement in Ill. House

2014-07-31 15:21:00

Winnebago County Democrats have named a replacement for state Rep. Chuck Jefferson, who resigned.

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Cards-Padres update: Taveras pounds 2-run homer

2014-07-31 15:15:00
Allen Who? Read Full Story ...

Cards-Padres updates: Taveras pounds 2-run homer

2014-07-31 15:15:00
Allen Who? Read Full Story ...

Taveras homers, Cards lead 6-2 after seven

2014-07-31 15:15:00
Allen Who? Read Full Story ...

Rauner says he'll be 'champion' for Ill. farmers

2014-07-31 15:12:00

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner (ROW'-nur) says a coalition of supporters from Illinois' agricultural community is backing his bid to unseat Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

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Gaza (Joe Heller)
2014-07-31 15:05:06 CagleCartoons

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SLIFF/Kids Festival features St. Louis animators

2014-07-31 15:00:00
Along with hands-on workshops, there are free screenings of movies including "The Incredibles" and "Mary Poppins."   Read Full Story ...

'Boyhood' charts a life lived on camera

2014-07-31 15:00:00
Director Richard Linklater spent 12 summers filming lovely coming-of-age story. Read Full Story ...

2 pm news

'Sharknado 2' smashes ratings records

2014-07-31 14:51:00
Syfy says 3.9 million viewers watched first airing of sequel. Read Full Story ...

EPA: Baseball fields near landfill are safe

2014-07-31 14:46:00

The Environmental Protection Agency says baseball fields that sit near a St. Louis County landfill that is contaminated with Cold War-era nuclear waste are safe for public use.

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James Gunn's 'Guardians' is an instant classic

2014-07-31 14:45:00
Superhero comedy "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a funny flashback to happier times. Read Full Story ...

Sunset Hills police ask county to take over case of mayor vs. bicyclist

2014-07-31 14:44:00
City asked St. Louis County police to take on case. Read Full Story ...

Man charged with inserting needles into meat at Belleville grocery store

2014-07-31 14:41:20
A Belleville man has been charged with putting needles into packaged meat at a Shop n? Save on N. Belt West Road. Read Full Story ...

Belleville man accused of putting needles in store's meat

2014-07-31 14:30:00
Officials say only the Shop 'n Save store at 4201 North Belt West was involved. Read Full Story ...

Miss the TV chat? Read all about it

2014-07-31 14:30:00
Here's the transcript from our July 31 live chat about television. Read Full Story ...

Federal court officials warn of emailed juror scam

2014-07-31 14:29:00
Email suggests recipients have been summoned as jurors and asks them to fill out personal information. Read Full Story ...

Oregon Medicaid targets expensive hepatitis drug

2014-07-31 14:27:00

An Oregon Medicaid committee on Thursday significantly scaled back access to an effective ? but expensive ? new drug used to treat hepatitis C.

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EPA: Soil tests on Bridgeton ball fields show no radiation concern

2014-07-31 14:24:00
The Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex poses no public health risk after soil tests did not detect concerning levels of radiation, the Environmental Protection Agency announced today. Read Full Story ...

Driver's license site in Belvidere faces eviction

2014-07-31 14:22:00

A driver's license office in the northern Illinois city of Belvidere soon may be bounced because the agency hasn't paid the rent for the past year and a month.

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EPD purchasing new computers
2014-07-31 14:10:00
Although no formal action was required, the Edwardsville Public Safety Committee was happy to find out a change in the Edwardsville Police Department?s budget has allowed the department to purchase mo Read Full Story ...

5 students arrested in connection with vandalism at Eureka High School

2014-07-31 14:04:56
Five male students have been arrested in connection with the vandalism at Eureka High School. Read Full Story ...

Reserve officer accused of raping ex-girlfriend

2014-07-31 14:02:00

A 23-year-old man who works as a reserve police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Pine Lawn is facing charges for allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and raping…

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Goodner retiring from military service
2014-07-31 14:00:00
For over 21 years, Major Kimberli Goodner?s life has been on a strict schedule. Read Full Story ...

Before Tiger Woods, St. Louis had Earl Parham

2014-07-31 14:00:00
He was one of the area's most accomplished black golfers. Read Full Story ...

1 pm news

Teen who left shoeless from wilderness camp found

2014-07-31 13:46:00

Authorities say an 18-year-old who disappeared shoeless from a wilderness program in Central Oregon has been found.

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Missouri Peace Corps volunteer being evacuated

2014-07-31 13:24:00
MOBERLY, Mo. ?  A Missouri man is among the hundreds of Peace Corps volunteers being evacuated from three West African nations affected by the worst recorded Ebola outbreak in history. Read Full Story ...

Missouri Peace Corps volunteer being evacuated after African Ebola outbreak

2014-07-31 13:24:00
A Missouri man is among the hundreds of Peace Corps volunteers being evacuated  Read Full Story ...

Trial possible for suspect in robbery
2014-07-31 13:10:00
A second suspect in the alleged pistol whipping of an Edwardsville man faces a possible jury trial next month on charges of aggravated battery and attempted armed robbery. Read Full Story ...

Five teens arrested in Eureka High School vandalism

2014-07-31 13:07:00
Formal charges have not yet been filed. Read Full Story ...

Bishop's Post in Chesterfield finds comfort in the costly

2014-07-31 13:00:00
The Chesterfield restaurant's take on "classic comfort fare" isn't cheap. Read Full Story ...

St. Louis director James Gunn goes galactic

2014-07-31 13:00:00
St. Louis director rises to a new level with the Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy." Read Full Story ...

12 pm news

Selling counterfeit DVDs lands Missouri man a year in prison

2014-07-31 12:45:00
SPRINGFIELD, Mo.  ?   A 42-year-old Missouri man has been sentenced to 13 months in federal prison for selling thousands of counterfeit DVDs he bought from a distributor in China. Read Full Story ...

Missouri man sentenced for trafficking fake DVDs

2014-07-31 12:33:00

A 42-year-old Missouri man has been sentenced to 13 months in federal prison for selling thousands of counterfeit DVDs he bought from a distributor in China.

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Remains in Illinois shed are a woman from Decatur

2014-07-31 12:18:00

Police say human remains found inside a shed in Rochester are those of a 43-year-old woman from Decatur.

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5K run will benefit children with cancer
2014-07-31 12:10:00
For the past 27 years, the National Children?s Cancer Society has been raising awareness and money for the fight against children?s cancer. Read Full Story ...

Trial set for man accused in toddler's death

2014-07-31 12:09:00

A January trial has been set for a central Illinois man accused in the 2013 beating death of his girlfriend's toddler son.

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Second suspect charged in shooting that killed one, seriously injured another

2014-07-31 12:07:18
A second suspect has been charged in a shooting that killed one man and critically injured another at a vacant home in south St. Louis July 24. Read Full Story ...

Photo: Big truck vs. little truck in Maplewood crash

2014-07-31 12:06:00
Truck crashed into back yard of home, crushing toy truck. Read Full Story ...

Missouri offers many hiking opportunities

2014-07-31 12:05:00
Outdoor enthusiasts know, the best adventures are those experienced using foot-power; walking, hiking and (yes, it is foot-power) biking. Wonder and beauty are found in every nook and cranny of Missou Read Full Story ...

1 trial for Ill. man charged in toddler death

2014-07-31 12:03:00

A central Illinois man charged with murder in the death of a toddler will have one trial rather the two his defense attorney sought.

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Free series on Medicare offered in August

2014-07-31 12:01:00
Senior Services Plus is hosting an educational Medicare Seminar every Thursday in August.  Read Full Story ...

Archaeology Day plans finalized

2014-07-31 12:00:00
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site offers visitors a chance on Aug. 2 to learn ancients skills like making stone tools and throwing spears and then to see how archaeologists dig up the facts about anc Read Full Story ...

11 am news

Reports: Cards acquire Red Sox pitcher for Kelly, Craig

2014-07-31 11:58:19
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Europe Vs Russia (Martin Sutovec)
2014-07-31 11:56:39 CagleCartoons

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Man gets 12 years prison for credit union holdup

2014-07-31 11:53:00

A southern Illinois man has been ordered to spend a dozen years in prison for his role in robbing a Carbondale credit union.

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Cards trade Craig, Kelly for Lackey

2014-07-31 11:45:00
SAN DIEGO ? Cardinals fans won't have Allen Craig to kick around anymore. Read Full Story ...

2014-07-31 11:37:39 CagleCartoons

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2014-07-31 11:33:24 CagleCartoons

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Post now for today's 1 p.m. TV chat

2014-07-31 11:30:00
TV critic Gail Pennington wants your questions and comments.  Read Full Story ...

Second man charged in deadly drug deal in city's Carondelet neighborhood

2014-07-31 11:30:00
Shooting stemmed from robbery during drug deal, police say. Read Full Story ...

4 districts dropped from school transfer lawsuit

2014-07-31 11:29:00

A lawsuit by Normandy school district parents over attendance rule changes has been scaled back after the state again altered its transfer policy.

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STL pedals nudity at record-breaking rate

2014-07-31 11:00:00
World Naked Bike Ride field in STL was third-largest in nation Read Full Story ...

Blood & Sand sues Buffalo restaurant for trademark infringement

2014-07-31 11:00:00
The lawsuit claims that the Buffalo restaurant and bar is using Blood & Sand's protected name. Read Full Story ...

10 am news

Chicago mayor defends welcoming immigrant kids

2014-07-31 10:58:00

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says bringing to Chicago some 1,000 immigrant children who have fled Central America is simply the right thing to do.

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Off-duty officer sustains minor injuries after personal vehicle stolen

2014-07-31 10:54:23
Authorities say the officer was working secondary in the 3700 block of Washington when he observed a black male suspect inside of his personal vehicle in the parking lot of a business. Read Full Story ...

FBI investigating body found at Stockton Lake cove

2014-07-31 10:53:00

Federal investigators are looking into the death of an unidentified man whose body was found at a southwest Missouri lake.

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Police responding to shooting at Chicago high-rise

2014-07-31 10:48:00

Chicago police are responding to a reported shooting at a downtown high-rise office building.

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Chicago ordinance requires permits for pot shops

2014-07-31 10:33:00

Chicago aldermen have approved an ordinance requiring medical marijuana retailers to obtain a special use permit before setting up a shop.

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SLU doctor honored at White House event

2014-07-31 10:30:00
Adrian Di Bisceglie lauded for research into hepatitis Read Full Story ...

St. Francois County gets its first gay bar

2014-07-31 10:15:00
Owner's goal is to attract the LGBT clients so they have a place where they can feel at home and can get the same kind of show as in St. Louis Read Full Story ...

Landlord wants Avon eatery evicted for pot machine

2014-07-31 10:14:00

A Chicago real estate developer wants to evict an Avon restaurant for displaying a marijuana edibles vending machine, claiming the media and social media attention damaged the company's reputation.

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Nixon Tapes (Randall Enos)
2014-07-31 10:00:51 CagleCartoons

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9 am news

Ray Rice suspension (Jeff Darcy)
2014-07-31 09:50:20 CagleCartoons

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Pollution (Milt Priggee)
2014-07-31 09:49:59 CagleCartoons

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Breakfast with Bernie: Rams will make the playoffs

2014-07-31 09:45:00
Welcome to "Breakfast with Bernie," a daily take on the sports world brought to you from the First Bank Studio. Read Full Story ...

August (Aislin)
2014-07-31 09:36:04 CagleCartoons

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EXCHANGE: ISU grad hired after standing with sign

2014-07-31 09:29:00

For four days, Danu Phromrat stood at a busy intersection in Bloomington holding a sign that said, "New grad looking for a job," with the hope that he would catch…

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Starved Rock trail closures send hikers elsewhere

2014-07-31 09:25:00

Trail closures at Starved Rock State Park have meant more visitors to the neighboring Matthiessen State Park in northern Illinois.

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Dog tossed from car is recovering

2014-07-31 09:25:00

A dog apparently tossed from a car in St. Louis County is now recovering.

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Man charged with breaking in, raping Lindenwood University student

2014-07-31 09:22:28
Police have charged a man in connection to a sexual assault that occurred on May 1 at the Time Centre Apartments in St. Charles. Read Full Story ...

Man accused of threats to magazine for gays

2014-07-31 09:20:00

A St. Louis man is facing charges and will undergo a psychiatric exam after allegedly threatening to "exterminate" those involved with a magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

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TV review: 'The Honorable Woman' is complex, challenging

2014-07-31 09:00:00
Maggie Gyllenhaal shines in drama about the Middle East. Read Full Story ...

8 am news

Six displaced after late night fire in north St. Louis

2014-07-31 08:53:45
A north St. Louis woman smelled something strange and discovered a fire in the basement of her home Wednesday night. Read Full Story ...

How your member of Congress voted in House decision to sue President Obama

2014-07-31 08:45:00
Vote split along party lines, as expected  Read Full Story ...

Man charged with raping Lindenwood University student at apartment in St. Charles

2014-07-31 08:45:00
The woman, 22, told St. Charles police the man forced his way into her apartment. Read Full Story ...

Reserve police officer charged with raping Lindenwood University student at apartment in St. Charles

2014-07-31 08:45:00
Frazier smashed in sliding glass door, used pepper spray, police said Read Full Story ...

Reserve Pine Lawn officer charged with raping Lindenwood University student at apartment in St. Charles

2014-07-31 08:45:00
Frazier smashed in sliding glass door, used police-issued pepper spray, police said Read Full Story ...

emergency exit (Joep Bertrams)
2014-07-31 08:27:56 CagleCartoons

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Argentinean national bankruptcy (Rainer Hachfeld)
2014-07-31 08:20:51 CagleCartoons

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LOCAL NC House and Senate budget battle (John Cole)
2014-07-31 08:20:31 CagleCartoons

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Grandstand roof won't be fixed by Illinois State Fair opening

2014-07-31 08:13:00
The grandstand will be safe and work should be finished before motorcycle races set for Aug. 28. Read Full Story ...

Oakland Zoo animals enjoy fruit after truck crash

2014-07-31 08:10:00
The zoo got more than 6 tons of plantains and jackfruit.  Read Full Story ...

Man threatens to 'exterminate' leader of St. Louis gay publication, police say

2014-07-31 08:07:00
Darryl L. Jackson, 40, was caught last Friday as he wrote a similar email on a computer at the Forest Park campus of St. Louis Community College.  Read Full Story ...

Body found near railroad tracks in NW Missouri

2014-07-31 08:04:00

A man's body has been found near railroad workers near train tracks in northwest Missouri, but a sheriff says the death does not appear suspicious.

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State Fair grandstand won't be fixed for opening

2014-07-31 08:04:00

Illinois State Fair officials say repairs to the grandstand roof won't be done by the time the fair opens next week, but the grandstand will be safe.

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7 am news

Missouri Black Expo pulls the plug for 2014

2014-07-31 07:56:00
The Missouri Black Expo, a longtime staple at the America's Center before moving to the Chaifetz Arena last year for a revamped experience, has pulled the plug for 2014. Read Full Story ...

Program provides apartments for homeless vets

2014-07-31 07:44:00

A new program in St. Louis places homeless veterans into furnished apartments, an effort to both get them off the street and help them turn their lives around.

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Agency could cut hours at Illinois historic sites

2014-07-31 07:39:00

Illinois officials say budget cuts will force them to consider cutting hours at some state historic sites after the Labor Day holiday.

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Jail officer hit by Illinois prisoner's homemade weapon

2014-07-31 07:35:00
The officer was hurt as three inmates were trying an escape.  Read Full Story ...

Charlie Dooley features Mayor Slay in final County Executive election push

2014-07-31 07:30:00
A potentially risky strategy among city-wary county dwellers. Read Full Story ...

2014-07-31 07:29:50 CagleCartoons

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Sheriff: Illinois jail officer injured by prisoner

2014-07-31 07:23:00

An Adams County Jail corrections officer is recovering from injuries after what officials say was an attempted escape by three prisoners.

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Hundreds without power after minivan hits utility pole in north St. Louis

2014-07-31 07:22:30
A minivan struck a utility pole causing hundreds to lose power in north St. Louis Thursday morning. Read Full Story ...

Woman shot to death in north St. Louis

2014-07-31 07:22:00

St. Louis police are investigating the shooting death of a woman.

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Judge rejects suit by Pennsylvania teacher fired over blog

2014-07-31 07:17:00
PHILADELPHIA  ?  A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a former suburban Philadelphia teacher fired two years ago over a blog in which she called students "disengaged, lazy whiners." Read Full Story ...

Football coach takes on A.D. role at Mascoutah

2014-07-31 07:13:00

From the time that Scott Battas graduated from Northern Illinois University over a decade ago, one of his goals was to be a football coach and athletic director at the…

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6 am news

Nearly a year after collapse, repairs to begin on southern Illinois bridge

2014-07-31 06:30:00
WOODLAWN, Ill.  ?   Repairs to a southern Illinois bridge that collapsed nearly a year ago soon may begin. Read Full Story ...

McGraw Live: Chris Koster & Board Meeting

2014-07-31 06:15:00
We team with McGraw Milhaven to bring you the hottest topics of the day, live. Watch now! Read Full Story ...

Chat live with TV critic Gail Pennington

2014-07-31 06:00:00
Post now for 1 p.m. TV talk. Read Full Story ...

5 am news

EXCHANGE: Family continues on at farmers markets

2014-07-31 05:49:00

Mary Brubach's Saturday mornings in the summer have been the same since as long as she can remember.

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St. Louis County Police one step closer to carrying heroin antidote

2014-07-31 05:37:24
Police in St. Louis County are taking another step toward becoming the first department in the state to equip officers with the heroin antidote Narcan in case of an overdose. Read Full Story ...

Birdcatcher sitting on Earth (Riber Hansson)
2014-07-31 05:29:46 CagleCartoons

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4 am news

Chicago man gets 20 years for attempted murder

2014-07-31 04:54:00

A Cook County judge has sentenced a Chicago man to 20 years in prison for attempted murder by choking and stabbing a flower shop employee.

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Federal officers: Rockford gang members arrested

2014-07-31 04:54:00

Federal law enforcement officials say they have arrested at least 10 Rockford-area gang members on gun- and narcotics-related charges.

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Grant helps ISU teach about 'smart grid'

2014-07-31 04:24:00

A $450,000 grant to Illinois State University will help teachers and their students learn more about cutting-edge electricity distribution.

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Kansas City groups get $120K for Middle Blue River

2014-07-31 04:04:00

Two Kansas City nonprofits are getting a total of about $120,000 in federal funds to improve areas around the Middle Blue River.

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Actor Sinise, Arlington Park to honor veterans

2014-07-31 04:04:00

Actor Gary Sinise is teaming with a suburban Chicago horse racing track to raise money to help veterans.

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Missouri's top banking regulator retiring

2014-07-31 04:04:00

Missouri's chief banking regulator is stepping down from the job effective Friday.

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UMSL sets new record for fundraising

2014-07-31 04:04:00

The University of Missouri-St. Louis has set a new fundraising record.

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3 am news

Work on collapsed southern Ill. span to begin soon

2014-07-31 03:49:00

Repairs to a southern Illinois bridge that collapsed nearly a year ago soon may begin.

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Girl Scouts to get new campground in Litchfield

2014-07-31 03:42:00

The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois are getting a new camp ground.

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Chicago-area man sentenced in child assault case

2014-07-31 03:19:00

A judge has sentenced a 30-year-old suburban Chicago man to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting a child.

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Firm says Missouri school soil isn't hazardous

2014-07-31 03:14:00

An engineering firm hired by a Bridgeton-area school district has concluded that soil from schools 2 miles from a radioactive landfill didn't show high levels of radiation.

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Consumer advocates watching Exelon-Integrys deal

2014-07-31 03:04:00

Energy watchdog groups are worried that Exelon's Corp.'s plan to buy one of its business competitors will be bad for northern Illinois electricity customers.

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Music director fired over same-sex marriage plans

2014-07-31 03:04:00

The longtime music director at a suburban Chicago Roman Catholic church says he was fired after posting on social media plans to marry his same-sex partner.

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Evanston approves partial ban on plastic bags

2014-07-31 03:04:00

Evanston is joining other U.S. cities that have proposed bans on plastic bags because of environmental concerns.

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Dog reportedly thrown from car is now recovering at St. Louis County shelter

2014-07-31 03:00:00
The incident happened late Tuesday morning along Interstate 70 near Goodfellow Boulevard, woman reports. Read Full Story ...

2 am news

Police investigate Missouri mayor in cycling crash

2014-07-31 02:34:00

Police in a St. Louis-area city are investigating contradictory reports from their mayor and a bicyclist who says the elected official caused him to crash.

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1 am news

Missouri regulators toss streetlight proposal

2014-07-31 01:59:00

Missouri utility regulators have denied a proposal from two St. Louis-area cities to purchase streetlights from an electric utility.

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Two St. Louis jugglers competing in championship finals

2014-07-31 01:00:00
Both started young, but really got serious about performing as they got older. Read Full Story ...

12 am news

Gauen: Mechanical uprising saps time, wallet

2014-07-31 00:15:00
Lessons learned about humans living with machines. Read Full Story ...

St. Louis County Council election features three contested races

2014-07-31 00:15:00
One race will fill the seat of the late Kathleen Burkett. Read Full Story ...

Padres embarrass the Cardinals

2014-07-31 00:15:00
Eight-run inning buries offensively challenged Redbirds. Read Full Story ...

Pattonville schools near West Lake Landfill cleared in radiation testing

2014-07-31 00:00:00
Concerns from parents prompted the testing. Read Full Story ...

With some help, homeless Iraq War vet finds a place in St. Louis

2014-07-31 00:00:00
He's included in a effort to get 50 homeless veterans into their own apartments in one day.  Read Full Story ...

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