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11 pm news

Kids' poisonings linked to anti-addiction medicine

2014-09-14 23:01:00

An anti-addiction drug used to fight the nation's heroin and painkiller abuse epidemics poses a threat to young children who accidentally swallow relatives' prescriptions, a federal study says. Some children…

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Report: Income inequality affects Missouri taxes

2014-09-14 23:01:00

A national increase in income inequality appears to be negatively affecting tax revenues in Missouri and other states, according to a new report from a credit rating agency.

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Achieving diversity in police ranks no easy task

2014-09-14 23:01:00
Experts: For places like Ferguson, road to a more diverse police force likely to be long one. Read Full Story ...

10 pm news

Police detain 'Django Unchained' actress in LA

2014-09-14 22:13:00
LOS ANGELES ? An actress who appeared in "Django Unchained" said she was misidentified as a prostitute by police when she was only showing affection to her white companion. Read Full Story ...

9 pm news

Did you see yourself on 'The Great Food Truck Race'?

2014-09-14 21:48:00
St. Louisans played food critics in the episode shot here in May. Read Full Story ...

8 pm news

International enrollment is up sharply at SIUC

2014-09-14 20:42:00
Flood of students from across globe gives university a big boost. Read Full Story ...

Hundreds evacuate from 3 California wildfires

2014-09-14 20:22:00
SANTA ANA, Calif. ? Two out-of-control wildfires in California are forcing hundreds of residents to flee from their homes. Read Full Story ...

Hundreds of stolen guns found during homicide investigation in Pulaski County

2014-09-14 20:06:34
Police say they found hundreds of illegal and stolen guns during a homicide investigation of the murder of an 82-year-old Navy veteran. Read Full Story ...

6 pm news

Rams rally to knock off Bucs 19-17

2014-09-14 18:55:00
Greg Zuerlein's fourth field goal of the day, with 38 seconds to play, gives QB Austin Davis a win in his first NFL start. Read Full Story ...

Belleville West volleyball team earns tourney championship

2014-09-14 18:33:00

Bouncing back strong from their first volleyball loss this season, the Belleville West Maroons ran right through the competition at the Jacksonville Crimson Classic.

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Man injured after falling from wedding party bus

2014-09-14 18:28:00

A 28-year-old man from Lawson has suffered non-life-threatening injuries falling from a moving party bus.

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Mo. man injured after falling from wedding party bus

2014-09-14 18:26:00
KANSAS CITY ? A 28-year-old man from Lawson, Mo., suffered non-life-threatening injuries falling from a moving party bus this weekend. Read Full Story ...

Strikes continue after Highland Education Association rejects tentative offer

2014-09-14 18:17:38
Officials with the Highland School District released a letter Sunday telling parents they will not have school Monday because of the continued strike. Read Full Story ...

FedEx worker dies in Missouri accident

2014-09-14 18:08:00

A FedEx worker has died after being pinned by his delivery vehicle outside Kansas City.

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5 pm news

Kennett man charged with second-degree murder

2014-09-14 17:33:00

A Missouri inmate has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of a woman whose body was found lying by a southwest Missouri road two years ago.

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Highland teachers overwhelmingly reject proposed contract

2014-09-14 17:32:00
Members of the Highland Education Association have voted to reject a tentative agreement with the local board of education, meaning the union's first-ever strike will continue. Read Full Story ...

Missouri trooper worried about mistakes after drowning

2014-09-14 17:30:00
 Toward the end of a conversation with his supervisor, the trooper apologized and said that he "probably did a bunch of things wrong there." Read Full Story ...

Police call deadly Missouri shooting accidental

2014-09-14 17:18:00

A 19-year-old man has been charged in a deadly Ferguson shooting that police have called accidental.

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Two men shot in after leaving convenience store in Riverview

2014-09-14 17:09:00
Two men were shot after leaving a convenience store in the 500 block of Chambers Road in Riverview Sunday morning. Read Full Story ...

Drop everything: Ken Burns takes over PBS with 'The Roosevelts'

2014-09-14 17:00:00
Documentary series will air seven consecutive nights, beginning Sunday. Read Full Story ...

4 pm news

Voter rolls issues reported in southwest Illinois

2014-09-14 16:43:00

Issues with multiple voters being listed to single address were among the potential problems with voter rolls in southwestern Illinois, according to a published report on Sunday.

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Cards' magic number at 10 after sweep

2014-09-14 16:35:00
Five relievers close out 4-1 win for rookie Gonzales over Colorado. Cards' pitchers fan 16; Peralta's two-run homer is big hit. Read Full Story ...

3 pm news

St. Louis in 'Food Truck Race' spotlight tonight

2014-09-14 15:50:00
Episode of Food Network competition was taped here in May. Read Full Story ...

Some Ferguson protesters shift focus to city's historic district

2014-09-14 15:30:00
Protesters who showed up at the farmers' market on Saturday vow to be a regular presence on South Florissant Road.  Read Full Story ...

2 pm news

Stabbing victim in stable condition following attempted robbery Sunday

2014-09-14 14:36:02
Police are investigating an attempted robbery that left one victim injured early Sunday morning. Read Full Story ...

1 pm news

2 Chicago area schools named for Obama family

2014-09-14 13:33:00

Two schools in Chicago's south suburbs will be renamed after the first family, officials said.

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Decatur police chief retires after 28 years

2014-09-14 13:13:00

The former head of the Decatur Police Department has turned over his badge after more than 28 years with the department.

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12 pm news

Diplomatic push grows against Islamic State group

2014-09-14 12:45:00
So far, the U.S. has been alone in carrying out airstrikes. Read Full Story ...

Two men shot outside a home in St. Louis County

2014-09-14 12:36:00
St. Louis County Police are investigating an incident in which two men were shot at 11:25 a.m. in the 500 block of Chambers Road today. Read Full Story ...

Two men shot while walking in St. Louis County

2014-09-14 12:36:00
Updated with more details. Read Full Story ...

Trooper worried about mistakes, job amid drowning

2014-09-14 12:33:00

Newly released records show that a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper expressed concerns in a call to a supervisor that he might have made mistakes after an Iowa man drowned in…

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Closer Look: Rauner's schools plan raises eyebrows

2014-09-14 12:28:00

Proposals to tie teacher merit pay to student test scores and alter tenure policies to make it easier to fire bad teachers are among the most recent education ideas being…

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11 am news

Highland teachers may end strike

2014-09-14 11:53:00

The school district and teachers union in southwestern Illinois' Highland School District have reached a tentative agreement after a four-day strike.

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Car strikes light post, fire hydrant in Sunday morning accident

2014-09-14 11:45:01
Police are investigating a single-vehicle crash in north St. Louis Sunday morning. Read Full Story ...

Congressional candidate's residency under scrutiny

2014-09-14 11:33:00

Illinois congressional candidate Ann Callis' previous out-of-state residence has come under scrutiny, with a published report Sunday saying she signed mortgage documents while a judge in Illinois that listed her…

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Peacemaker Putin (Marian Kemensky)
2014-09-14 11:28:54 CagleCartoons

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Missouri farming rights measure survives recount

2014-09-14 11:04:00
Secretary of state's office is expected to officially certify the results of the recount Monday. Read Full Story ...

10 am news

Apple Watch (Marian Kemensky)
2014-09-14 10:51:02 CagleCartoons

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Central Institute for the Deaf marks 100 years

2014-09-14 10:48:00

When the normally bright Nolan Howard began to struggle academically last year, his parents quit their jobs and moved from Seattle to St. Louis.

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International students help boost SIU enrollment

2014-09-14 10:38:00

Southern Illinois University experienced its first enrollment jump in a decade largely due to a surge in international students at the Carbondale campus, according to a published report Sunday.

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Second cross-Missouri trail under consideration

2014-09-14 10:33:00

A group that advocates for creating bike and hiking trails out of abandoned rail lines wants to establish a second cross-state trail in Missouri.

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Man armed with knife robbed two St. Charles businesses

2014-09-14 10:17:00
The St. Charles Police Department is investigating two armed robberies at two locations believed to have been committed by the same person on Saturday. Read Full Story ...

Applying the law to matters involving money

2014-09-14 10:00:00
Question: A friend of mine owns a restaurant, and he is very successful.  He had contracted with a company exclusively to provide certain products that he uses in his restaurant.  Everything went well Read Full Story ...

9 am news

Cop and suspect injured in shooting, incident

2014-09-14 09:56:00

A man was shot and injured by Chicago police after an officer was struck with a car, officials said Sunday.

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Leaders expected at Mexican Independence parade

2014-09-14 09:42:00

Some of Illinois' top political leaders and candidates for office were set to participate Sunday in a Chicago's annual Mexican Independence Day Parade.

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Detroit cop faces 2nd trial in 7-year-old's death

2014-09-14 09:27:00
DETROIT ? A member of an elite Detroit police unit is set to stand trial again for killing a 7-year-old girl during a 2010 raid on her house that was captured on video by a reality TV crew. Read Full Story ...

CPS to lay off 476 custodians by month's end

2014-09-14 09:26:00

Chicago Public School officials plan to lay off 476 custodians, a district spokeswoman said Saturday.

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St. Charles police search for suspect in two gas station robberies

2014-09-14 09:25:13
St. Charles Police are investigating two robberies at gas stations that they believe were committed by the same suspect. Read Full Story ...

8 am news

Bus passenger refuses treatment after being struck by vehicle

2014-09-14 08:40:23
Metro officials say a passenger was hit by a car as she exited a bus Sunday morning. Read Full Story ...

6 am news

Bed rest shows no benefit for moms-to-be

2014-09-14 06:30:00
Mounting research shows the century-old prescription of bed rest does not improve outcomes and worse: is causing more harm than good. Read Full Story ...

5 am news

IDOT: Lanes on MLK Bridge to close Monday due to inspections

2014-09-14 05:46:28
IDOT says it will close lanes on the MLK Bridge to perform bridge inspections Monday. Read Full Story ...

Riverview man facing charges after fatal shooting victim found in Ferguson

2014-09-14 05:38:24
A Riverview man is facing charges after a fatal shooting in Ferguson Friday. Read Full Story ...

4 am news

FedEx worker dies after being pinned by his delivery vehicle

2014-09-14 04:47:00
Driver was killed Friday in Platte County, near Kansas City. Read Full Story ...

ISIS Partners (Yaakov Kirschen)
2014-09-14 04:02:24 CagleCartoons

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3 am news

Cold embrace (Petar Pismestrovic)
2014-09-14 03:24:57 CagleCartoons

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Falcons (Petar Pismestrovic)
2014-09-14 03:16:56 CagleCartoons

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2 am news

Obama's Wishful Thinking (Paul Zanetti)
2014-09-14 02:56:53 CagleCartoons

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1 am news

Quinn signs $65.5 million deal with Rams

2014-09-14 01:15:00
Deal has him under contract through 2019; $41.2 million is guaranteed. Read Full Story ...

From Ray Rice to Ferguson: Why video drives our response

2014-09-14 01:00:00
We only respond if there?s video. That?s one lesson that can be drawn from the belated reaction to football player Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée in an elevator. Read Full Story ...

12 am news

St. Louis area students pitch business ideas in national competition

2014-09-14 00:10:00
They'll be battling other high-schoolers for a shot at $25,000 in funding and business services. Read Full Story ...

EXCHANGE: A look at Abe Lincoln and Owen Lovejoy

2014-09-14 00:02:00

William and Jane Ann Moore hope people will discover the words of abolitionist Owen Lovejoy and, like them, find his words as powerful today as they were 150 years ago.

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EXCHANGE: Playground to honor 5-month-old girl

2014-09-14 00:01:00

Adam Drinkall wishes he could watch his daughter, Ivy Faith, play with her two sisters, Lili, 8, and June, 5.

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Fall TV preview: Mixed bag is filled with good, bad and mediocre

2014-09-14 00:00:00
New network season has some strong new offerings, but also some terrible ones. Read Full Story ...

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